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The Importance of Responsive Website Design - Importance of Responsive Website Design
Importance of Responsive Website Design 

The Importance of Responsive Website Design
"Necessity is the mother of invention". In this modern and technically advanced era as well this universal truth is as applicable as it was in previous and ancient times. We have witnessed so many changes in the technical field and the process is still going on. It isn't at all surprising that in every respective field would like to adopt these technologies for the betterment of their own purposes. You can take a very common and simple example of mobile phones. A massive change has occurred in the mobile industry worldwide and now we are getting used to with Tablets and I Phones. These things have made life more easy and sophisticated for us. You may ask me why? Now you can accumulate information of the world by just having a tablet or an I-Phone on your hand. Accessing internet wasn't that much easier before.

So this was the customers and our perspective of thinking, now we would go into little deeper of what the owner or the creator of the websites are thinking. Thorough updating is going on throughout all the time and everyday to make these websites more informative day by day only then we will like to get back to that site and spend more time over there. This is the prime intention of the business owners behind creating their own business websites. Only creating an informative website would be half done of a job, it needs to be created responsive as well. That means while designing your website with the help of web designers, not forget to create a responsive website that would be easily accessible through any device.

Smart phones and tablets have entirely turned the approach of web-designing and visitor experience into more elegant way. Before the proliferation of these wireless android devices, the prime focus of the designers was at keeping the look and the feel of the websites alive and same to different desktop browsers. But with the introduction of smart phones, interacting with websites has not remained the same. Factors like, click versus touch, screen resolution, optimized mark up and so many other things have become important and for that reason Responsive Web Design has earned the importance. Well, the significance of credible web design companies is absolutely unavoidable in this aspect. Companies like Brandnetizen have really improved the effectiveness of responsive design.

What is Responsive Web Design?
Basically it is a formation type of websites in order to make it suitably visible in any devices with any screen resolution without making any changes or modification to the layout, pictures, colors and lots other things. It is abbreviated as RWD. You can call it an approach to lay-out and code a website in such a manner that it provides an optimal viewing experience, ease of reading and an easy navigation, scrolling to a wide number of devices such as mobile, desktop and smart phones. It is the responsibility of the designer to ensure the fact that the websites navigation, screen-layouts, photos, contents and other UI elements can readjust themselves on different types of devices. To put it in a simpler way, when you access a website from your desktop, the vision you get, responsive design will provide the same appearance with a compressed look (in terms of smaller screen resolutions) without the requirement of scrolling the page horizontally. So it was a brief concept of RWD and now lets know what the importance is.

Importance of Responsive Web Design
Now, as we have probably understood what responsive web design is, better to now get familiar with its benefits. We'll start what Jeffrey Veen, Vice President of products for ADOBE twitted about its importance.

Day by day the number of devices, platforms and browsers that need to work with your site grows. Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how we'll build websites for the decade to come. [@veen].

 ·         Time and Money: There shouldn't be any confusion about the making cost of a responsive website is higher than making a conventional website. Why do't you look at the other side of it? It saves the expenses for making sites differently for mobiles, desktops, and tablets etc. and the question of wasting extra time is also eliminated. Hence, you actually cut down the total development cost.
·         Generating massive traffic: Studies have shown that a massive number of internet traffic is being produced through the mobile devices. As more and more people will be used to with accessing the internet through smart phones or tablets, it would be difficult for the web publisher and the owners to be disagreed with Responsive Website Designing.
·         User's feeling: After making a site perfectly enriched with contents and presentation, make it reach to maximum people is also a vital part. Responsive design does the same. It provides the users a soothing feeling whether they are accessing your site through the device of their choice.
·         Device agnostic: Responsive design is actually agnostic to devices and its operating system. It provides a greater visual experience to the users of the smart phones with various Operating Systems like; Android OS or Windows OS. It prevents the need to exercise the option for different device platform that are expected to be used by the users.

So, the above discussion clearly mentions that how Responsive Design helps a website to get traffic and have a positive impact in the mind of the visitors as well. Moreover, responsive design represents your site in exactly the same way in all devices without compromising with the contents, design quality, amount of information etc. to provide better surfing experience to the users. Let's have a look what Simon Whatley, Principal consultant at FOOLPROOF have to say about Responsive Web Design.

"Businesses of all sizes need to carry out researches. They need to understand not only the business goals, but more importantly, the goals of the users and context of use."So if you are concerned enough for your visitors and consumers and want take the positive results out of their visits, take the help of Responsive Web Design. It would definitely take your venture steps ahead than your business competitors.
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